Guest Harbour

Jussarö has served as a harbor for at least 700 years and the tradition still continues.

The Guest Harbor has 49 beam moorings. Harbor office in Café Ön.

From 04.05.2021 Varustamo Origo Oy, the company responsible for the operation of Jussarö Island, has been acquired by new owners. As a result of the acquisition the 2021 season can now start.

Harbour fees 2021

Buoy/beam: 25€

Longside: 35€

Day visitors: 5€

Harbour fee can be paid to the cafeteria.

Port services:

  • Cafe Ön
  • Sauna
  • Outhouse
  • Electricity
  • Hostel Kontoret. Please, bring your own sheet. Outhouse.
Bookings and inquiries:

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