Cruise to Jussarö

Cruise Ekenäs - Jussarö

Taxiboat Myggen from EkenäsTammisaari to Jussarö from week 27 in July till week 32 in August every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11 am, return from Jussarö to Ekenäs/Tammisaari at 15 pm.

Price: adults 30 €, children under 12 for 10 €

Inquiries and booking: Robert Holmberg, +358 40 043 6915

Hostel Kontoret on Jussarö:

Take the taxiboat and stay with us on Jussarö for one night or more for 20 €/night/person.

More information and booking:

Riitta Gustavsson

+358 447316455